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W e ' r e   N e i g h b o r s !

Grosse Pointe Moving and Storage is a locally owned business. Its owners grew up and reside in Grosse Pointe. Through their life-long association with the Pointes and surrounding areas have come the capacity to identify and perform those moving and storage services that are especial to this community.

E x p e r i e n c e

Experience within the industry and experienced employees are a must! Moving can look like child's play but only when done by experienced professionals. Experience and professionalism earned by years in the trade.

R e p u t a t i o n

Ask your friends, your realtor, your mailman or our competition if they've heard of us. There's a good chance they have; we may have moved them or their customers. You may have seen our moving vans in the area or possibly our warehouse on Jefferson. We are a well-managed, disciplined concern that has striven for and attained that type of reputation that is continually recommended within our industry.

P e r s o n a l i z e d    S e r v i c e

Whether you're a Detroit Tiger moving to Grosse Pointe, a grandmother moving to Florida or a family moving across the street, there's nothing more important than your satisfaction. We at Grosse Pointe Moving and Storage pride ourselves on being Personalized Service Specialists, bringing our expertise together with your needs to make sure your move is worry-free.

V a l u e

From the very start with our free estimate to the final moment when the van leaves your new home you can rest assured your move has been handled efficiently with cost held to a minimum. We at Grosse Pointe Moving and Storage look forward to discussing with you how our competitive rates and efficient service can save you money.


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