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Announcing The Most Efficient Way to Store and Retrieve Records

Let Grosse Pointe Moving and Storage - Security Archives store and manage your files in our 100,000 square foot fire-proof warehouse. Put useful information into your hands fast with just one call, email or now by logging onto your account via our web site.

Entirely Bar Code Driven System Eliminates Temporary Identification Numbers
Absolute Confidentiality No Transmittal Receipts
Computer Generated Management Reports - Defined to Your Specifications Record Removal Purge Services

A D D I T I O N A L   B E N E F I T S 

IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ORGANIZED PLAN:  Computerized location of your records for quick retrieval. Each box has a bar code identification.

RETRIEVAL OPTIONS:  We can fax the file you request or records can be examined at the Storage facility. Use our comfortable conference room with telephones, fax machine and a copier for your convenience. Of course you can pick up at our dock or have records delivered to your site.

SAFE & WORRY FREE:  Grosse Pointe Moving & Storage is a solid and secured environment. Only authorized people you designate will have access to your files.

MATERIALS:  We can provide the right container for your files at the best price.

COMPUTER AND MICROIMAGING MEDIA:  Available in our climate controlled vault.

IMPLEMENTATION OF RETENTION SCHEDULE:  Categorized records and inventory with a planned disposal date to meet State, Federal and company requirements. This will reduce storage and save money.

QUICK AND EASY DISPOSAL OF RECORDS:  Easy disposal of records to reduce storage space requirement. Several methods and certification or records disposal are available. Once disposal is authorized, removal is prompt.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  A monthly report gives you the retrieval activity of your records. This documentation is a management tool to monitor space requirements and services.

A SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM:  One stop shopping, Grosse Pointe Storage - Security Archives, will manage active files, reference files and materials and provide all related services. We customize a program to maximize efficiency and minimize cost address to the present needs for your company and provide for future requirements.


Contact Us via email or telephone at 313-822-4400 for any further information. As with all of our services at Grosse Pointe Moving and Storage, you can expect and will always receive prompt, friendly, and courteous service. Contact us today!!

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